Workshop Announcement

Ambient Networks Results


March 6th 2008, 10:00 – 18:00

Ericsson GmbH, Aachen, Kackertstrasse 7


An Ambient Networks Workshop esp. for newly starting projects



This event will reflect four years of intensive research activity in the area of future mobile networks. Ambient Networks is an innovative approach to design a dynamic multi-domain control architecture particularly for mobile networks.

Experts that have been deeply involved in the project will explain the results achieved in the architecture and researched networking technology innovations. This is a unique opportunity to gain an overview over important results and experiences gathered in the Ambient Networks project.

In addition to the theoretical results presentations of 4 complete Ambient Networks realisation in the form of systems demonstrators will be shown. It will both show the applicability of the technologies developed in Ambient Networks for the shown scenarios as well as the completeness of the Ambient Networks approach.

Welcome to Aachen!

What’s in it for you?

Cooperation of networks and interoperability of network services like mobility, security and QoS across heterogeneous access technologies is a matter of increasing importance. What technologies are emerging to address those issues? This question will be addressed at this workshop, and you will be given opportunity to get an insight into the state of the art results provided by Ambient Networks, listen to the presentations, interact with the researchers and touch the 4 demonstrations shown.

At the workshop, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the advances and technologies developed that Ambient Networks will enable, but also the challenges still ahead.

For whom? Researchers in networking technology especially also those addressing the Network of the Future.




Introduction to the Workshop


Ambient Networks overview

The Ambient Networks System Architecture

Network Composition, Business and Migration aspects

The Node-ID internetworking approach


Lunch break


The Mobility and Triggering framework

Security in Ambient Networks

Multi-Access architecture and evaluation


Coffee break


Policy controlled integrated management

A flexible media delivery architecture

The Ambient Networks Verification approach


Ambient Networks Demonstrations

At Home: Customized media delivery supported by context information in the network and relying on Security Domain authentication. Network Composition enables the seamless handover to a previously unknown access network.

At the train station: The novel concept of Node ID routing is used to ensure reachability of the user across different locator domains as the train moves along. The demo shows an application of P2P SIP, also making use of the different types of network composition.

In the train: This demo shows how different mobility mechanisms are embedded in the Ambient Networks architecture. The advanced information and functionality available in the Ambient Control Space is used to further optimize the mobility behavior.

Sensor networks: Ambient Networks can not only interact with legacy networks, but are also compatible with other emerging network types, in this case sensor networks. This demo features a gateway that mediates between the two worlds.


Summary and close of the meeting, Henrik Abramowicz, Ericsson


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