Ambient Networks - AN - is an Integrated Project (IP) in the European IST 6th Framework Programme,  addressing  "Mobile and Wireless Systems Beyond 3G".

The project will create network solutions for post-3G mobile and wireless systems. It will enable scalable and affordable wireless networking while providing rich and easy to use communication services for all. It is geared towards increasing competition and cooperation in an environment populated by a multitude of user devices, wireless technologies, network operators and business actors.

AN is one of several parallel FP6 projects coordinated by the Wireless World Initiative (WWI)


The WWI projects cover a number of Cross Issues addressing concerns common to all the WWI projects and to outside interests.

Cross Issue - Security and Trust

AN  is responsible for the WWI Cross-Issue Security and Trust (XI-ST) that will coordinate common security-related concerns across WWI, and provide a point of contact for wireless security interests outside WWI.
The task will develop a common trust model and a shared high-level view of security architecture.  Implementation and deployment matters will be specifically studied in later phases of the project.

One of our first responsibilities is to gather and to analyse the security issues  foreseen by stakeholders in future mobile and wireless communications:  their expectations, requirements and concerns.

An open invitation to all stake holders to take part

Addressed to all users, operators, service and application providers, content providers, manufacturers, regulators/administrations, security & safety organisations. (there is a very long list, so please do not feel excluded if those do not quite cover you). 


Please let us have your views - your input is important

§         to gather the broadest possible inputs on security, privacy and trust requirements for future mobile systems, drawing on the experience of all those involved in the manufacture, operation and use of mobile systems, together with safety, legal and regulatory concerns;

§         to establish a constituency of interested parties that have a stake in the security of future of mobile communications.

Please, either
·         send us directly your views on specific topics in the form of a short position paper
·         send us your contact details to receive further information


Please get your response to us by 20 August 2004.  All contributions will be made available to members of the mailing list.  Discussion and comment will be welcome.