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"Emerging Technologies for Operator Coorperation"
An open workshop November 10 in Dusseldorf targeting operators.

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Ambient Networks Phase 2

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Imagine This...

"The Olympic Games will start in two days and Alice has got an assignment for the news-channel "Europe Today" to cover the Olympics.
She flies in to Beijing and meets her crew. There is very little time to prepare, so Alice is glad that her Personal Area Network (PAN) connects to their PANs automatically without hassle. They now have one moving local network via which they can cooperate.

Since there are many local networks and service providers scattered all over the Olympic village, she needs to maintain connections with many of them even when she is on the move. Without Alice noticing it her Ambient Network negotiates roaming with these operators and service providers.

The crew prepare for a TV interview. The local network detects the need for an assured quality connection for the TV transmission and sets it up. A fallback channel is organized via another provider for quick handover in case the first connection fails."

Ambient Networks' Challenge

In the telecommunications world of future, there will be many different networks. To provide users with the services they want irrespective of their location, these networks have to cooperate. In a highly mobile environment, this network cooperation will have to be established 'on the fly'. The Ambient Networks project is about making this fast network cooperation a reality.

Through R&D, co-funded by the EU through the 6th Framework Programme, the Ambient Network project will ensure that the European telecommunications industry is prepared for the future.