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October 16-19, 2007
M2NM 2007 Sydney, Australia
First Ambient Networks Workshop on Mobility, Multiaccess, and Network Management (M2NM 2007) organized in cooperation with IEEE ISCIT 2007.

July 1-5, 2007
16th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit, Budapest, Hungary
The ANP2 project will contribute with papers and demonstration on this event. For more information regarding this even please visit here.

March 14, 2007
Business Modeling Workshop
The Business modeling team within the two projects "Ambient Networks" and "Novel access provisioning" in cooperation between Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) invites you to a workshop on "Future Business models and Value Constellations" for provisioning of wireless access and services.

November 10, 2006:

Emerging Technologies for Operator Cooperation"An open workshop targeting Operators arranged by the Ambient Network Project.read more>>

June 4-8, 2006:
IST Mobile & Wireless Communication Summit 2006, Myconos, Greece. AN presents a Special Session on Ambient Networks. read more >>

April 26-28, 2006:
WWRF 16 in Shanghai, China. AN participates with the latest results and demos. read more >>

Acronym : AN P2

Title of the Project :

Ambient Networks Phase 2

Contract Number :

Duration : 1/1/2006 - 31/12/2007
Total Budget : 20 556 048,25 EURO
TotalManpower (mm) : 2148
Community Financial Contribution: 12 799 998,94 EURO
Project Officer : Mr. Andrew Houghton
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Website https://ambient-networks.org

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