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  Below is a list of all publications that are/will be published with regards to Ambient networks. For more information please do not hesitate to .

October 16-19, 2007
M2NM 2007 Sydney, Australia
First Ambient Networks Workshop on Mobility, Multiaccess, and Network Management (M2NM 2007) organized in cooperation with IEEE ISCIT 2007.

July 1-5, 2007
16th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit, Budapest, Hungary
The ANP2 project will contribute with papers and demonstration on this event. For more information regarding this even please visit here.

March 14, 2007
Business Modeling Workshop
The Business modeling team within the two projects "Ambient Networks" and "Novel access provisioning" in cooperation between Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) invites you to a workshop on "Future Business models and Value Constellations" for provisioning of wireless access and services.

November 10, 2006:

Emerging Technologies for Operator Cooperation"An open workshop targeting Operators arranged by the Ambient Network Project.read more>>

June 4-8, 2006:
IST Mobile & Wireless Communication Summit 2006, Myconos, Greece. AN presents a Special Session on Ambient Networks. read more >>

April 26-28, 2006:
WWRF 16 in Shanghai, China. AN participates with the latest results and demos. read more >>.


"Towards Flexible Service-aware Adaptation Policy Management in Ambient Networks", Lawrence Cheng, Kerry Jean, Roel Ocampo, Alex Galis - accepted on 2nd June 2006
IEEE International Conference on Networks 2005 , Singapore, Sept 13-15, 2006

"Adaptive Distributed Monitoring with Accuracy Objectives"
, A. Gonzalez Prieto, R.Stadler, ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Internet Network Management (INM 06), Pisa, Italy, September 11, 2006

"Advances in Network-Supported Media Delivery in Next-Generation Mobile Systems",
Frank Hartung, Norbert Niebert, Andreas Schieder, Rene Rembarz, Stefan Schmid and Lars Eggert. IEEE Communications Magazine Special Issue on Advances in Service Platform Technologies for Next Generation Mobile Systems , September 2006.

"Contextualisation of Management Overlays in Ambient Networks", Kerry Jean, Lawrence Cheng, Roel Ocampo, Alex Galis - accepted on 23rd April 2006. IEEE International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology , ICCGI’06, Bucharest, Romania, August 1-3, 2006.

"Towards Context-Based Flow Classification", Roel Ocampo (UCL), Alex Galis (UCL), Chris Todd (UCL), Hermann De Meer (PU)- acceptance 11th April 06. International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (IEEE ICAS'06) , Silicon Valley, USA, July 19-21, 2006.

"Peer-to-Peer Management in Ambient Networks", Simon, C., Wagner, A., Kersch, P., Erdei, M., Katona, T., Benk, B., Szabó, R., Galis, A., Cheng, L., Jean, K., Lai, Z., poster and demonstration at IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit , Myconos, 4-8 June 2006

"Self-Management of Wireless Base Stations", Kai Zimmermann, Lars Eggert, Simon Schütz and Marcus Brunner. 15th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit , Myconos, Greece, June 4-8, 2006

"The ACAS and Ambient Network Approaches to Context-Aware Networks", Theo Kanter, Second Workshop on Context Awareness for Proactive Systems (CAPS 2006) , Kassel, Germany, June, 2006

"Controlling and Managing Compositions in Ambient Networks", Csaba Simon (BME), Petteri Pöyhönen (Nokia), Martin Johnson (Ericsson), Di Zhou (Siemens), poster at 15th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit , Myconos, Greece, June 4-8, 2006

"Distributed Real-time Monitoring with Accuracy Objectives", A. Gonzalez Prieto, R. Stadler at,IFIP Networking 2006, Coimbra, Portugal, May 2006

"A Node Identity Internetworking Architecture", Bengt Ahlgren, Jari Arkko, Lars Eggert and Jarno Rajahalme. 9th IEEE Global Internet Symposium , Barcelona, Spain, April 28-29, 2006.

"Protocol Enhancements for Disruption Tolerant Mobile Networking" Simon Schütz, Matus Harvan, Lars Eggert, Stefan Schmid and Marcus Brunner. IEEE INFOCOM Poster and Demo Session , Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, April 23-29, 2006.

"Ambient Networks in Practice - Instant Media Services for Users on the Move", M. Vorwerk, S. Schuetz, R. Aguero, J. Choque, S. Schmid, M. Kleis, M. Kampmann, M. Erkoc. To Appear: In Proc. IEEE/Create-Net TridentCom , March 2006, Barcelona, Spain

Paving the Way for Future Mobility Mechanism: A Testbed for Triggering & Moving Network Support
", J. Mäkelä, R. Aquero, J. Tenhunen, V. Kyllönen, J. Choque, L. Munoz. To Appear: In Proc. IEEE/Create-Net TridentCom , March 2006, Barcelona, Spain


"Pattern-based Network Management within Ambient Networks", Johan Nielsen (Ericsson), Zoltan Lajos Kis (BME), Marcus Brunner (NEC), Alberto Gonzalez (KTH), Rolf Stadler (KTH), poster at IST Mobile Summit 2006

"Requirements for Policy Framework for Ambient Networks", Börje Ohlman (EAB), Kerry Jean (UCL), Alex Galis (UCL), Ian Herwono (BT), Johan Nielsen (EAB),oral presentation at WWRF16 

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