Technical Coordination and Business Model

This section concentrates on the harmonisation, coordination, and dissemination and standardisation coordination of the technology being developed within the project. Furthermore, it evaluates the business feasibility of AN, including identification and analysis of business related requirements and bottlenecks for new business roles and relations, thus providing a reality check of the feasibility of AN.

The technical coordination of the work within the project is to a large extent driven out from the further development, and refinement of the AN system architecture depicted in figure 1 below, which comprises both the functionality of the Ambient Control Space (ACS, consisting of the blue-coloured Functional Entities and the orange-coloured databases), as well as the external interfaces of this ACS, the Ambient Service Interface (ASI), the Ambient Resource Interface (ARI), and the Ambient Network Interface (ANI).

In addition, there is also a focus and overall responsibility for disseminating the AN system architecture and related specifications to different standardization bodies, possibly resulting in adaptations to external architectures and concepts.


Figure 1: Illustration of the high-level ACS structure

The business model work will focus on three important aspects of AN: Advertising & Discovery, Inter-operator handover with composition, and Network extension. The business modelling work will define the roles involved, their relations in a value network and their business drivers to deploy Ambient Networks. The feasibility will be investigated in different business environments. This will be done both qualitative as well as quantitative with the help of simulations. Important to understand is that AN not only provides the tools for end users to communicate in new ways but also provides tools to perform business in new ways.

Further readings: AN Framework Architecture (“D1-5”, Dec. 2005)

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