Composition and Compensation

The Ambient Networks vision includes the dynamic establishment of inter-working between heterogeneous networks: Core Networks, Access Networks, PANs (Personal Area Networks) etc. While dynamically establishing inter-working on the user plane, i.e. exchanging data packets, is less of a problem today, dynamic inter-working on the control plane, e.g. regarding security, charging, mobility and Quality of Service (QoS) is still a problem. Ambient Networks introduced the concept of Network Composition as a dynamic, uniform procedure for enabling network inter-working on the control plane which is enabled with minimal human intervention. Furthermore, it is basically the same procedure for all networks, independent of network type and network technology, see Figure 1. Network Composition is now subject to a feasibility study in 3GPP SA1 to which the Ambient Networks project provides input.

This area provides specifications and implementations that contribute to the overall Ambient Networks prototype. This includes further development of the General Ambient Network System (GANS) protocol, a protocol used for communication within and between the control spaces of composing Ambient Networks. The GANS specification thus includes a specification of the Ambient Network Interface (ANI).

It also develops the concepts for compensation in Ambient Networks. Compensation is a generalization of charging in the sense that remuneration doesn’t necessarily need to be monetary. It can also be based on mutual provisioning of services. Also the results of the work on compensation will be reflected in the Ambient Networks prototype.


Figure 1: Typical Composition procedure

Further Readings:

  • AN Framework Architecture (“D1-5”, Dec. 2005)

  • 3GPP TR 22.980, Network Composition; Stage 1 (Release 7)


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