Integration and Verification

The Integration and Verification area has the overall responsibility for the implementation, integration and verification activities in Ambient Networks phase 2. Two complementing tracks are being followed to meet this objective.

Firstly, a control space prototype is being developed which includes prototype implementations of the control functions in a high level of detail, however only on a relatively small number of nodes (less than 10). This includes:

  • Definition and realization of the prototyping platform

  • Integration of the control functions developed throughout the project into an Ambient Control Space prototype

  • Definition of the application scenarios

  • Definition and realizations of the demonstrations which build on the control space prototype

The work on the prototype is complemented by the systems evaluation activities which study abstracted functionality on a large scale in order to evaluate overall performance, scalability and to identify bottlenecks. The objectives of this work are:

  • Definition of simulation plans and selection of evaluation cases

  • Definition and development of a simulator platform

  • Evaluation of the feasibility and complexity (prove that it is worthwhile doing this)

  • Identification of performance bottleneck problems (provide guidance to system design)

  • Pinpoint important relations between different kinds of functionalities

All sections contribute prototype modules and input to the simulation activities within this area, making it the focal point of the integration and verification activities in the project.

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